Consumers Longing for Longevity

Levi's illustrates the "life cycle of the jean" on its website, part of its sustainability message

Right now, “longevity” and “durability” might be the best qualities to emphasize in your pitches.

According to this New York Times story, people are hanging on to their gadgets until they die, using every drop of soap in the bottle, and driving their cars even when a newer, flashier model is available.

It’s not the stuff of your grandma’s post-Depression days, but consumers aren’t so quick to jump at the latest and greatest as a result of the economic downturn and analysts are saying it could have a long-lasting impact.

“Consumers are doing their best to conserve — we’re seeing it again and again and again,” the article quotes Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Ali Dibadj says.

One company riding the longevity wave is Levi Strauss.

It’s highlighting denim care as part of its sustainability efforts, urging wearers to wash less and use cold water as a way to show the durability of its products. The effort is meant to build trust.

Publicists have talked about emphasizing value in their pitches since the economic recession began and it looks like this is a pitch that will be sticking around for a while.

[Image via Levi Strauss & Co website.]