Consumer Reports Dings Ford's MyFord Touch

Video courtesy of consumerreports

Consumer Reports took a look at the Ford’s MyFord Touch and their reviewer found it wanting (see embedded video above). Here are some the criticisms of the system.

– Too many ways to accomplish the same task
– On-screen buttons and fonts are small. This makes it hard to make adjustments while driving
– The physical buttons are touch sensitive capacitance buttons that are small and hard to find while driving
– The physical buttons’ positions lead to accidental brushing against and activation
– The physical buttons are difficult to use with gloves on

There weren’t any significant criticism made about the steering wheel controls for the various subsystems except that the displays and buttons are quite “busy.” The voice-activated Ford Sync system received a number of negative comments. However, the reviewer did say that the Sync is the best way to control an iPod in the car.