A Case Study Of Console Game Promotion Through Facebook Apps

In the leadup to this week’s launch of Dante’s Inferno for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and the upcoming launch of the PSP version, EA partnered with Lolapps to successfully launch the Dante’s Inferno Facebook game. Looking at the numbers, the game has accumulated 4 million Monthly Active Users since its launch, and had had 1 million users in the week first week of the release of the Facebook Application. Lolapps was most famous for their Band of Heroes game, a Mafia Wars-style RPG with over 1,000,000 MAUs and a strong story component, but this has been eclipsed by the success of Dante’s Inferno, and represents a step forward for the company. We’ve been able to get some key statistics about the game from Lolapps, and share them here.

First of all, 62% of people who played the Dante Inferno’s game on Facebook indicated that they intend to purchase the Dante’s console game. This adds up to about 2.5 million users if we count the 4 million MAUs. We’ll see if this number holds up in sales, but underscores the effectiveness of application and game based advertising. This compares with only 25% of TV ad viewers who even recalled a Dante’s Inferno television advertisement, and only half of that group indicating they had purchase intent for the game (source: Akoo).

Another striking fact was the direct conversions to sales. Of the half a percent of daily active users who clicked over to EAStore.com, an extremely high 2% converted into direct purchases of the Dante’s Inferno console game.

Here are some other interesting facts:

  • 64% of players surveyed mentioned that they usually play for more than an hour
  • 52% of players surveyed mentioned that they learnt of the EA Dante’s Inferno game from the Facebook game
  • The majority of players installed the game because a friend invited them

We can see that social media integration is a big part of EA’s strategy, as the Facebook fan page is promoted all across the official Dante’s Inferno page. This fits well with their recent announcement at their latest financial meeting that there will be an “online component to every game” and that they would be bringing several titles to Facebook. The numbers on this are staggering, and while many companies attempt to create applications to support advertising launches, this kind of success is rare and nice to see. The game itself boasts gorgeous art, a similar game engine to Band of Heroes, and definitely has a solid community. A good question is whether people will continue to play as the hype around the game dies down, but if Band of Heroes is any example, they will.