Conservatives Launch ‘Anybody But Steele’ Campaign

Conservative members of the Republican National Committee have launched a campaign – “Anybody But Steele” – to oust the organization’s incumbent chairman Michael Steele. The group is gathering pledges from members saying they won’t vote for Steele. And these conservative members are trying to convince the other candidates not to strike a deal that would put the incumbent back in the top position.

According to Politico, the situation touched off an e-mail exchange about how the campaign could be perceived because Steele is African American.

“Concern has been expressed among members of the Caucus that these two anti-Steele pledges/resolutions could be viewed as hateful toward Chairman Steele — regardless of what benign names they may be given,” wrote Steele supporter and Idaho GOP chairman Norm Semanko.

Chairman Steele has agreed to debate his five challengers, Politico reports in a separate story. The site says that besides a group of loyalists, the chairman has had trouble drumming up support.

[Images via The Atlanta Post.]