ConnectU Needs to Give Up

ConnectU and Facebook were back in court yesterday. According to ConnectU, “Facebook makes untrue assertions.” Watch out now, those are some harsh words! Honestly, ConnectU is fighting an uphill battle at this point and there is little leverage that they have after being given two weeks to respond back in July.

While it has been more than two weeks, the case against Facebook was pretty weak last time around. As I previously mentioned, the last judge was quoted as saying “You’re really going to have to do this with particularity,” Woodlock (the judge) said to ConnectU’s counsel, “because this is a most evanescent of explanations.” Additionally he was quoted as saying “Dorm room chit-chat does not make a contract.”

Will ConnectU finally be able to pull a win this time around? I doubt it. At this point, the worst case scenario is a settlement. Even when Facebook was in its early stages, the ConnectU owners failed to continue to update their site and at least try to compete with Facebook. I think they would have a stronger argument if they at least attempted to continue to build their network. Guess we will have to wait and see how this all pans out.

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