CONFIRMED: Curtis Leaving GMA For Us Weekly: ‘Such An Exciting Opportunity, I Couldn’t Pass It Up’

us_weekly_lohan_simpson.jpgWe just spoke with Good Morning America‘s Colleen Curtis, who confirmed that she’ll be assuming the executive editor post at Us Weekly under Janice Min. Curtis didn’t say just when she’d be starting there, explaining that she was “still working out the details.” However, she’s sounding pretty psyched, as she laughed heartily before explaining that she was making the move from TV back to print because the Us job was “such an exciting opportunity, I couldn’t pass it up.”

Curtis shouldn’t be surprised if her welcome gift’s a cellophane-wrapped pot of Vaseline to ready herself for the gossip blog-gossip mag smackdown that’s a-brewing — ’cause soft-spoken as she may be, it’s starting to seem like Min’s gloves are off.


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