Condé Nast Is Launching a Digital Brand Network in the Hopes of Attracting a Diversity of Advertisers

Next Gen Network will include digital-first brands like Lenny Letter

Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter is being transformed into a full digital brand for the Next Generation Network. Getty Images
Headshot of A.J. Katz

Condé Nast wants advertisers to be aware of its impressive, diverse portfolio of digital and social brands that cater to the coveted millennial and Gen Z audiences. These brands include The Hive, AD Clever, Basically, Healthyish, GQ Style and Teen Vogue.

The company is hoping one way to woo advertisers to these properties is to roll digital content from all of them into one monolith, called Next Generation Network.

“Over the past year, we’ve created new brands and partnerships from next gen storytellers and formed the foundation of our Next Gen Network, which engages and inspires the most influential consumers across all platforms and categories,” said Pamela Drucker Mann, chief revenue and marketing officer of Condé Nast.

Condé Nast’s digital brands are indeed diverse. You have male-focused brands like The Hive, which is from Vanity Fair and focuses on business and media news; as well as GQ Style. There’s Teen Vogue, which of course caters to millennial women, as well as Lenny Letter, the feminism and politics-focused newsletter that Condé Nast bought from Hearst last month.

Lenny Letter was the brainchild of actress-producer-activist Lena Dunham, and is being transformed into a full digital brand that will both draw digital content from and provide content to other Condé Nast brands. Lenny Letter is already partnering with Glamour on a new digital political fiction series.

Then there’s Iris, a video and social brand for women that was developed from The Scene, which is Condé Nast’s video aggregation platform. The Scene’s first two digital series attracted more than 1 billion viewers on Facebook last year, so there’s some momentum for Iris to build off of.

And with a brand like Iris, advertisers will have the opportunity to get in at the ground floor, including the branding and/or creating new content.

“We are in an important moment in our culture where young women are searching for inspiring, real storytelling that is relatable and lifts them up, so Iris celebrates this movement of women supporting one another,” said Lauren Lumsden, vice president, video programming for the beauty collection, and head of content and creative for Iris.

Condé Nast believes it can attract advertisers of all shapes and sizes by rolling its diverse digital titles into the singular Next Gen Network.

We’ll see if that indeed happens.

“Our advertising partners can leverage the power of the Network to reach consumers in new and innovative ways,” said Drucker Mann. “From co-creating content to integrating into tentpole events that deliver a new level of connection and interaction with today’s millennial and Gen Z audiences.”

@ajkatztv A.J. Katz is the senior editor of Adweek's TVNewser.