Condé Nast to Test iPad Versions of Five Magazines

Condé Nast will announce its iPad rollout schedule Monday, with GQ starting things off with its April issue, followed by Vanity Fair and Wired in June, and The New Yorker and Glamour at some point during the summer, The New York Times reported.

The publisher’s iPhone version of GQ sold 15,000 copies of the January issue and nearly 7,000 of the December issue.

Condé Nast will sell the initial issues via iTunes only, except for Wired, according to the Times.

Condé Nast editorial director Thomas J. Wallace told the Times the company will test different prices, types of advertising, and approaches, adding:

We need to know a little bit more about what kind of a product we can make, how consumers will respond to it, what the distribution system will be.

On the publications that were chosen, he said:

They are representative of the company, right? GQ is men. Glamour is women. Vanity Fair is a dual audience. The New Yorker is unique with its periodicity and, therefore, it’s also more news- or text-heavy, and it’s a slightly older audience.

On potential ad formats, Condé Nast Digital president Sarah Chubb told the Times:

What we’re looking at right now is what kind of ad units for a phone and iPad would optimize the experience for a consumer. As an example, if you’re a fashion retailer or a fashion advertiser who also has an e-commerce store, how can we make the simple fact that you can click through to an item and buy it kind of great? How do you romance it a little bit more?