ComScore Releases October Search Results

In newly-released data, ComScore reports that consumers conducted 12.6 billion desktop searches in the U.S. during the month of October, which is up 7 percent from the previous month, according to MediaPost.

Google searches rose 7 percent to 8 billion, while Yahoo searches rose 9 percent to 2.6 billion and Microsoft searches hit 1.1 billion, up 8 percent. According to ComScore, Google owns 63.1 percent of the market (up 0.2 percent), while Yahoo took 20.5 percent. Microsoft came in third with 8.5 percent, while Ask and AOL each took about four percent; these results mostly mirror what’s happening on the mobile side as well.

The report said that AOL’s overall market share across all properties also fell 0.4 percent, almost mirroring its 0.5 percent drop in just search alone.