ComScore: Facebook Grew to Be Tenth-Largest US Video Site in May 2010

Facebook’s online video traffic is continuing to grow in the US, according to web measurement firm ComScore, rising from 41.3 million unique viewers in April to 45.5 million last month. The average number of videos viewed per Facebook user stayed about the same, falling slightly from 5.6  to 5.4.

The company also notably cracked comScore’s rankings for the 10 largest US online video sites by views, appearing for the first time with 245 million views in the month, or roughly 0.7% percent of the US market. Of course, Google dominates the list because of YouTube, and brought in a total of 14.6 billion views for 43.2% of all US video views during the period.

While still relatively small, Facebook’s video presence has boomed along with the site’s growth over the past few year. Reasons include its efforts to improve its uploading and sharing features, along with broader trends, like the increasing prevalence of mobile devices with video-recording capabilities.

However, as NewTeeVee points out, comScore’s numbers don’t quite line up with what Facebook is seeing internally — the company recently said that there are now more than 2 billion video views happening per month through the service. One reason for the difference is that Facebook is referring to its worldwide traffic while comScore, in this case, is only looking at US traffic. More than 70% of Facebook’s users are located outside of the US, so comScore’s numbers here only reflect a minority of Facebook’s overall video traffic. Other reasons Facebook’s numbers diverge likely include methodological differences between how Facebook and comScore count traffic. For what it’s worth, a Facebook spokesperson tells the publication that  “Our internal stats for our monthly video uploads and views. We don’t comment on third party data so I can’t speak to how Comscore measures [its stats].”

Whatever numbers you look at, the trend here is that as Facebook — and the ubiquity of digital videos — continues to grow, so too will Facebook’s video traffic.

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