Compete Says Facebook’s Lead Over MySpace in the US Growing

Back in January, reported that Facebook surpassed MySpace in total US unique visitors for the first time ever in December 2008. Well, just published their new data for the month of January, and Facebook has increased the gap over MySpace even further.

January data shows that US visitors to Facebook have grown by almost 15% in the last 30 days alone, bringing the total unique visitor number to 68.5 million people. By contrast, MySpace experienced a 1.7% decline in January, continuing its slight downward trend over the last year.

Compete also reports a “velocity” number that shows whether a particular domain is increasing or decreasing in overall share of online minutes. It’s clear from the graph below that Facebook’s share of attention has been growing faster in recent weeks.

Nevertheless, Comscore and Hitwise still report higher US visitor numbers than for MySpace than Facebook. The discrepancies are likely due to different sample sizes and ISP sampling pools.