Compete, ComScore and Quantcast Show Facebook US October Traffic Up, MySpace and Twitter Traffic Down

Monthly traffic stats don’t necessarily show the overall direction of web companies, but we’re seeing a pattern when it comes to Facebook and its most serious competitors, MySpace and Twitter.

Certainly, new efforts by the latter two sites could change things in the coming months — like MySpace’s music features, or Twitter’s new lists and retweet features. For October, though, the big three data firms, Compete, comScore and Quantcast, are all in agreement, and the pattern is the same one we’ve seen in recent months.

1. Quantcast

Facebook grew to 99.6 million monthly unique US visitors last month, with MySpace falling to 54.3 million and Twitter flat-linking at 27.0 million.

2. Compete

Facebook grew to 3.5 percent to reach nearly 129 million monthly US uniques, while MySpace fell to around 50 million and Twitter fell to 23 million.

3. comScore

Facebook grew to 97.4 million monthly US uniques while MySpace fell to 64.0 million and Twitter fell to 19.2 million.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s own advertiser tool shows that it grew by 6.8% in October to 94.2 million US uniques. This number isn’t always the company’s most current, but it’s the closest we can get to knowing what it is seeing internally. ComScore, as in past months, appears to be getting the most similar results, at least for Facebook. Twitter’s traffic numbers are the hardest to discern here, as a large portion of its users access the site using third-party applications.