Comparing Wireless Broadband

Now that the majority of U.S. mobile providers have new, faster, and what they are calling 4G data networks, consumers have choices they can make about which service to use. Of course, the first criteria for picking any wireless service is its availability and reliability in the area where you intend to use the service. Today none of the provider’s 3G data service is available in the entire United States, so it may be a while before the 4G services appear in all areas of the country.

If you live in one of the markets where all of the providers have good coverage, you can then compare features and prices to select a service. Engadget has created a nice table that compares the data services from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The table shows you the claimed max speeds of each network and in how many markets the services are available, along with features like whether there is speed throttling or mobile hotspots (Mifi) and phones available that can use the service. You might want to bookmark the Engadet article to keep as a reference as the marketing of each provider’s service ramps up.