Comparing AMOLED and SLCD Screens

AMOLED screens are considered to be the state of the art of smartphone screens, and it seems that all the new smartphones being announced in the last year have these screens. The problem is that handset manufacturers have not been able to get enough of them to keep up with the demand for their smartphones. As a result, HTC has switched to SLCD screens that are more plentiful so that they can meet demand for their phones.

The reason why AMOLED is considered state of the art is that it has a higher preceived luminance, higher contrast ratios to provide clearer images, a wider viewing angle, and truer colors. HTC says that SLCD is comparable to AMOLED, so Engadget posted a comparison between the two screen types. In summary, Engadget found:

– SLCD is sharper but AMOLED is brighter and more vibrant

– SLCD provides warmer tones and better color definition, but blacks are blacker with AMOLED

– AMOLED is a bit more readable in bright sunlight, but both are difficult to see outdoors