Companies Using Royal Engagement for Their Own PR Purposes

The Royals did a decent job of managing the big William and Kate engagement announcement yesterday. But of course that won’t stop others from seizing an opportunity to use the news for their own publicity.

The Telegraph listed its choices for best and worst press releases. Included: a free ferry ride to Dublin for the happy couple (?), an offer for free afternoon tea with a bottle of champagne for all couples named William and Kate, and a free night at a hotel and spa in Cornwall for couples that become engaged this week.

UK marketing site also reports that Domino’s is offering couples named William and Kate free garlic bread with their orders, which means a lot of “Williams and Kates” will be eating Domino’s for dinner in the UK this week. And “bookmakers” Paddy Power are taking bets on the month the wedding will take place.

The media have also been capitalizing, with a number of morning programs and primetime specials planned.