Only 55% Of Companies On Twitter Are Satisfied With The Value [STUDY]

A new report from Forrester Research reveals that most companies now market on Twitter, but many say the social network isn’t yet delivering business value.

After surveying 395 marketers in the United States, the UK and Canada, the Forrester team gleaned a handful of insights that shed light on the dissatisfaction with Twitter.

The chart below ranks a variety of marketing channels by level of satisfaction with delivering business value:

Email marketing is still proving more successful in terms of ROI for marketers, with Twitter coming out below LinkedIn and even Google+.

In comparison, the 395 surveyed marketers gave Facebook an average 3.54 out of 5 grade on business value, vs. Twitter’s 3.57.

And in the above chart, Twitter is indicated as providing more business value than not just posting to Facebook in general, but a slew of Facebook marketing activities from paid ads to custom apps.

As Forrester points out, marketers might have more luck using Twitter to engage their existing customers than to find new ones. On the flip side, the research company argues that Twitter’s marketing business is still relatively young but needs to provide “more guidance, education, service, and support.”

Of course, it’s challenging to connect the dots between Twitter activity and sales, especially for a solely brick-and-mortar small business. But it’s also fair for Twitter’s money-makers to ask for more from it.

Are you satisfied with the business value Twitter provides?

(Source: Forrester Research. Unhappy image via Shutterstock.)