Community College Students are Less Likely to Have an eReader

The Pew Research Center released a report last week that showed students who attend a community college are less likely to have an eBook reader than students at traditional universities.

The report was based on the collated results of 4 surveys conducted in 2010, with a total of nearly 10 thousand college students polled. CC students not only owned fewer eReaders, but they were also less likely to own a laptop, MP3 player, or tablet. On the other hand, the report showed that they were more likely to own a desktop PC.

Then again, this report really just reveals the obvious. Students at community college generally have less money than those at universities; that’s why they’re attending the cheaper school. Given that they are paying less for tuition, it would follow that the CC students also spend less on gadgets.

But just because it’s a well known fact doesn’t mean the economic differences shouldn’t be a concern. A student’s level of access to technology can affect his success in college. There are a lot of majors now where a student must have a laptop and other expensive gadgetry. For example, engineering majors would not be able to function with out some type of mobile computer (tablets included).

via Pew

image by Sewanee: The University of the South