Amy Schumer Shares Her Thoughts on Media

Notes from this week's American Magazine Media Conference

“Magazines provide such great fodder, so they’re fun to make fun of”, said comedienne and actress Amy Schumer.

“Magazines have a formula, like women’s magazines, with articles on how to make yourself disappear over time.” Meanwhile, she added, men’s magazines are more lifestyle oriented, covering sports and products.

Schumer made the comments at the American Magazine Media 360 Conference on Tuesday in New York.

Jim Nelson, GQ‘s editor in chief, interviewedAmy Schumer MTV Movie Awards Resized Schumer during a lunchtime session, and she was hardly a formulaic choice to address the publishing professionals in attendance. “I don’t even know what this is,” she said, gesturing towards the audience. “I should have been nervous about this event, but no!” (Don’t even ask what female body part she said the Marriott Marquis ballroom’s light fixtures brought to mind.) “My publicist is slitting her wrists now!”

Based on her comments, it should come as no surprise that Schumer will play the role of an editor at a New York-based men’s magazine in her new movie, set to open in mid-July. The movie title, Trainwreck, is meant to convey her character’s chaotic and commitment-averse personal life (though the name also bears an unfortunate resemblance to this week’s real life train disaster in the New York area).

Supporting cast members include actress Tilda Swinton, actor Daniel Radcliffe, comedian Bill Hader, and NBA star LeBron James, who is apparently also funny (according to Schumer). To prepare for the role, Schumer spoke to a friend who’s a female writer at a men’s magazine, and she visited Cosmopolitan magazine on several occasions, admiring the Hearst building as she arrived. The film was shot on location at various venues in New York City and on Long Island.

Joan Rivers1 CroppedAt the conference, Schumer spoke about how Joan Rivers was one of her comedic idols. A while ago, she met Rivers at an event — and when Rivers found out she was a fellow comedienne, the elder stateswoman took her aside for a chat.

For many Schumer fans, the younger comedienne’s delivery reminds them of Rivers’ style. We have to agree after seeing Rivers being interviewed a couple years ago at Internet Week New York (pictured) and comparing it to Schumer’s appearance this week.

More viewers will get the chance to see Schumer this year, either on her Comedy Central show, when she hosts the MTV Movie Awards this spring, or in her movie debut this summer.

(Amy Schumer image courtesy of MTV Movie Awards)