Come See How Great I Am!

I am movie junkie, I currently own over 800 DVDS and blue-rays and I have a Netflix account all the while attending all sorts of movie theaters. One of my greatest problems is trying to tell friends and family about the awesome movies I have seen. Enter the “Netflix Movie Application“, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this, a great application that puts all the movies you have in your Netflix que on your facebook page.

The application also has a neat little feature that allows you to ‘buy now’ or ‘download now’ from places like amazon and iTunes. I am pretty sure the creator of this application is going to get credit from Amazon for directing you to there site, but hey nothing is free.

My only complaint, and there are always complaints, is that the application does not show my Netflix rating for the movies in my queue. I would prefere it if my friends and family could just look at my page, see the movies I love, watch the movies for themselves and agree with me whole heartily that I have the greatest taste in movies in the world.

My final concern is that I am going to have to be more astute of the movies I put on my Netflix line up; note to self, “self… no more ‘Zombies Gone Wild’ (terrible) and more ‘The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill’ (heart warming).”

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