Comcast Would Give Better Customer Service If You’d Just Stop Calling So Often

Today’s Consumerist notes that Comcast, the biggest media communications company in the world, consistently ranks as one of the most-hated brands in the U.S. because of its notoriously bad customer service.

In an interview with Marketplace, company CEO Brian Roberts says that this wouldn’t be such a problem if the company weren’t so darn successful.

The big question from Kai Ryssdal comes around the three minute mark on this audio clip:

“You want consumers to want you. How come you guys have such a lousy consumer reputation? You rank in the bottom of all the consumer surveys.”

Roberts’ response: we’re just too big for our own good.

What unfortunately happens is we have about … 350 million interactions with consumers a year, between phone calls and truck calls. It may be over 400 million and that doesn’t count any online interactions which I think is over a billion. You get one-tenth of one-percent bad experience, that’s a lot of people – unacceptable. We have to be the best service provider or in the end, this company won’t be what I want it to be.

We’re not sure Roberts’ answer is effective. One-tenth of one percent of a billion is still a hell of a lot of angry customers ready to voice their displeasure.

Comcast tried to control the ongoing damage by getting personal with customer service on Twitter, but according to some the message is still “we’re sorry we’re so bad, but we can’t really do much about it.”

No one likes monopolies, and millions of Americans are just itching to cut their cords. We think you’ll agree that Comcast will have to do a lot better than Twitter feeds and interviews like this one to boost its reputation.