Colleges Show, Smartphones Becoming A Platform

In my mind if there was ever a doubt about whether smartphones have become a platform, this article from proves that it has.

Michigan colleges getting into iPhone, Android smartphone app game

The article explains how students in Michigan colleges are developing iPhone and Android applications. In some cases the applications are being created as part of course work, such as at Grand Valley State University that teaches students to design applications for smartphones and other devices. Grand Valley has an iPhone app for students that has campus maps and access to web cams, along with campus news, student, and faculty directories. What I really like is this quote from a Ferris State University Professor:

“The word ‘app’ has become a real word with the general public,” Ferris professor Rick Baker said.

“If I said ‘app’ to my Mom, in her 70s, and my 8-year-old daughter, they’d both know what I’m talking about. That shows you how dominant and pervasive the technology has become.”