College Students 5 Times More Likely to Read on a PC Than an eReader

Queens College ran an eBook survey last year as part of its annual Student Technology Survey, which covered how students’ interact with technology.  Around 1700 students participated, and out of that number 398 have used eBooks. The number of responses represent about 8% of Queens College student body.

The survey found that 63 students had used an eReader, and another 335 have used eBooks without an eReader. The survey then goes on to ask about which eReaders students owned and 46% reported owning a Kindle, with the Nook coming in second place.

Putting that data into perspective shows that while 82% of students own a laptop, only 3.3% own an eReader.  On the other hand, eReader adoption might be low, but eBooks are clearly gaining popularity faster. Nearly a quarter of respondents use eBooks.

One other interesting bit of data was the 42 respondents who didn’t know what an eBook was. This number is remarkable because it is so low; similar surveys of consumers in France and Germany showed a significantly larger percentage of respondents who knew nothing about eBooks.

via ALA

image by ozvoldjj