Coliloquy Lets Readers Participate In Story Lines

You’re reading Kira Snyder’s new book Dead Letter Office (Parish Mail), and you have an idea of how the protagonist, a teenage sleuth will respond to clues in antique letters. Rather than just discuss it at your book club,  you can help contribute to the narrative.

The book is one of four new titles from a new digital publisher called Coliloquy that launched this week. The imprint has four new books out which it calls “active fiction.”

What is active fiction? It’s social media driven books. Essentially readers can interact with the author and respond story lines to help drive the direction of the story. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure meets American Idol.

The press release explains: “Multiple ‘what if’ story lines let authors and readers explore different permutations of character relationships. TV-like episodes can grow and change, based on reader choices, voting, and feedback. Fans can reread a key scene from a different character’s point-of-view or unlock new content.

The publishing imprint was dreamed up in the Kindle Developer Program for Active Content and is exclusively available in the Kindle Store.