Coldwell Banker, BuzzFeed Pair Up for Sponsored Content Series

Coldwell Banker

A couple of weeks ago, a BuzzFeed listicle that looked a whole lot like a paid placement for Target inspired a bunch of journalists on Twitter to ask for some clarity as to what is and isn’t sponsored content.

We’ll soon have another example of the strategy in action: today real estate brand Coldwell Banker announced a partnership with everyone’s favorite kitty-pic-factory-turned-real-news-source.

What will this partnership entail?

Its product will look a lot like the other content on BuzzFeed: a series of OMG listicles related to the act of finding and buying/selling a home. Here are three headline sneak peaks via the press release:

  • 15 Things That Happen When Your Parents Sell Your Childhood Home
  • 25 Homes That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re In A Fairy Tale
  • 74 Thoughts Everyone Has When Buying Their First Home

Coldwell SVP of marketing Sean Blankenship explains the appeal:

“Because real estate transactions are not traditionally frequent, there is inherent difficulty to maintain brand loyalty compared to other industries.”

In other words, it’s all about keeping the name Coldwell Banker in the mind of the average BuzzFeed reader–whether he/she is in the market for a $1.2M Redwood City hilltop home or not. The email pitch goes further:

“It is part of a larger marketing strategy for Coldwell Banker to connect with consumers at various stages of the home buying, renting and selling process – even if that means when they aren’t thinking about real estate at all.”

For reference, here’s an earlier collaboration between the brand and the site: This Is What the Ten Most Expensive Real Estate Markets Look Like.

In that case, though, a BuzzFeed writer used information provided by Coldwell to pen a post specifically related to the real estate market. The coming content will simply happen to be sponsored by the brand and bear only a thematic relationship to the process of buying and/or selling a home rather than compiling listings.

Will it work? Can you say “real estate porn?”