Win Tickets To The Colbert Report (And So Much More) On Twitter

Are you a fan of Stephen Colbert? If so, you would probably love to win tickets to see his show on Comedy Central, right?

Well, Pepsi is giving you the chance to do just that as part of its Live For Now campaign on Twitter.

Whether you consider yourself part of the Colbert Nation or if you’re just a fan of the Colbert Report, being in the audience for one of his shows would be fantastic.

So how can you win tickets to the always sold out show? You have to post funny pictures on Twitter and attach the #ComedyNOW hashtag, of course!



No one said that they have to be funny pictures, but that just makes sense. Oh and be aware that the winner not only gets tickets, but his/her photo is shared on air (so don’t embarrass yourself . . . too much)!

Comedy Central and The Colbert Report are doing this as part of Pepsi’s Live For Now campaign. Here are some more details about how it works:


So what are these other custom hashtags mentioned above? Well, there seem to be quite a few, but here are the main ones posted as of this writing:


Want some more info on each? Here you go!

Do you plan to take your pictures and try to win any of these?

(Stephen Colbert image from Shutterstock)