Coke Zero, Oreo and Dunkin’ Donuts lead this week’s most talked about pages in food and beverage

Coke Zero is one page leading the list of weekly gainers for the People Talking About This metric among food and beverage merchandise pages.

The top 10 pages gaining People Talking About This saw increases between about 60,000 and over 200,000 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1   BrahmaSeleção 618,994 -2,328 +204,176
2   Three Chefs 121,093 +5,041 +103,712
3   Halls Brasil 388,260 -1,999 +98,210
4   Coca-Cola Zero 118,340 -3,119 +89,138
5   Dunkin’ Donuts 212,396 +28,448 +81,340
6   BrahmaFla 405,286 +16,810 +73,906
7   Barcel Mexico 101,648 +8,559 +73,276
8   Pepsi India 109,700 -1,770 +61,306
9   Activia Brasil 80,552 +3,377 +58,849
10   Oreo 771,775 -222,258 +56,210

Popular beverage Coke Zero has seen substantial daily growth from a movie tie-in with The Amazing Spider-Man, released this week. As seen in the graph below, the page has grown steadily from an influx of new likes which can be seen in green. The growth has occurred throughout the month of June and is likely the result of ads bought before the movie’s release.

Oreo has seen a huge increase in weekly growth thanks to publicity received for a post featuring a rainbow Oreo. The post has gone viral with many users praising Oreo for their support of gay pride. Coinciding with San Francisco’s Pride Parade weekend, the company has strategically engaged with a very responsive audience – gay rights activists.

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