Coca-Cola Marketing Event Tracked Facebook Users Via RFID

For the teenagers attending the Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park in Israel, the event was probably just a bit of fun. But in the world of social networking and online marketing, the world’s first real-life RFID event tied to Facebook was an event of greater significance.

The way it worked, according to Adland, is that visitors to the amusement park wore RFID bracelets. This allowed people to log into their Facebook accounts and then ‘like’ various attractions such as the water slides and video games. If the park photographer took their pic, they only had to flash their bracelet in order to be tagged in the photo.

Integrating the three-day event with Facebook via RFID was the brainchild of advertising agency Publicis E-dologic and it was wildly successful. According to the video embedded below, the teenagers used the Facebook functionality “non stop”. There were more than 35,000 updates each day even though the village only hosts 650 teenagers at a time.

E-dologic chief executive Enon Landenberg said: “We are continuously looking for ways to connect the physical world with the virtual world. The idea behind “The Like machine” is an ultimate solution. It is an innovative and pioneering method, and through it the possibility to involve your Facebook friends in events and experiences that are happening to you around the world becomes a very true reality.”

It’s a clever idea and seems like the perfect venue and demographic to test it out in. Someone is bound to try to replicate it soon – though next time an event like this takes place it might also involve integration with Facebook Places. It seems like a natural fit given that Facebook used RFID to test its location services at the f8 developer conference back in April.