CNN World Report Conference: Funnest liveblog EVER!

Our intrepid cohort at TV Newser is down in Atlanta hobnobbing at the CNN World Report Conference, timed to coincide with the network’s 25th anniversary (not to mention their loss of ratings share to FNC). Today and for the next few days, everyone loves CNN, from Iraqi president Jabal Talabani to Pakistani prez Pervez Musharraf, both of whom were piped in via teleconference. They love Ted Turner just as much though; according to TVNewser everyone is all a-flutter at his very presence (he speaks Wednesday).

This just in: they’re also all a-flutter about our Brian at TV Newser! He is at this very moment liveblogging from a panel called “Blogging: The Fifth Estate” where he just demonstrated to a crowd of dazzled onlookers how to actually blog, right then and there! How very meta-on-meta. Seriously, that’s pretty cool. Way to go, Brian!

Brian also has some exciting behind-the-scenes photos to share with y’all.* CNN news anchors: they’re just like us!

*That’s how they say “you all” in Atlanta.