CNN Wants You!

As a follow-up to this morning’s “Everything Is Changing” post, it appears that CNN is making some serious changes (an expansion?) to its “Inside the Blogs” segment, currently on the soon-to-be-defunct “Inside Politics.”

BarkingMoose reports that as of late yesterday afternoon, Turner Broadcasting has new job postings up for a blog reporter, associate producer, and production assistant, all of whom will report to the senior producer for politics. Here’s the write-up for Blog Reporter:

Producer/reporter covering web-logs (blogs), pod-casts, and other internet-based forms of new media. The Blog Reporter/Producer will locate, research, and report on blogs and web sites that include news, politics, policy, commentary, and other information of value to our viewers. The results will be daily television segments reporting on this new and important area of the media. This person will be responsible for producing both the editorial content and also the graphic and video elements necessary to develop each segment. Will appear on air regularly.

No word on what this means for Jacki/Abbi/Cal (Now with patented Shaky Cam!), the dynamic and attractive trio who have made blog reporting what it is today. We do know that trying to replace any of them would lead to a full-scale revolt against Jon Klein in the blogosphere–which, despite the whining, loves the segment far more than it would ever admit.

And we might caution Mr. Klein before he makes any hasty changes: When the blogosphere wants you, it gets you.

UPDATE: It appears, according to two CNN insiders in-the-know (not named Abbi/Jacki/Cal), that the current blog reporters are safe.

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