CNN: Saving Lives, Breaking News

sitroomlogo34.gifCNN seemed like it had a good Labor Day weekend: First, it broke the news of Chief Justice William Rehnquist‘s death leading some to speculate “Who’s the real news network?“–a sentence with more kick to it if you insert “be-atch” onto the end and picture Wolf Blitzer snapping.

Then on Wolf’s “Situation Room” yesterday, he managed to get six people rescued when Donna Brazile asked for information on her sister. Someone from the Fish & Wildlife Service was listening and they dispatched a boat to the place where her sister was last known to have been.

“The Fish and Wildlife workers found a house with six people still alive, but completely out of food and water. It’s not clear that they could have lasted much longer,” a tipster told cousin TVNewser.

Luckily, the plea only worked because the Fish & Wildlife guy was in a place where he could recieve lots of information SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!!