CNN Ratings Fail: HLN Calls Upon Psychic to Discuss MH370


While the mystery continues, so does the quest for ratings.

As it is with any natural disaster, foreign conflict, national-interest kidnapping, or another long-term story that has the nation engrossed in details, broadcast news finds ways to continue to keep said story as relevant as possible. And there are phases to go with this news cycle as well.

1. The Lede — This is the primary story and a recap of the news that brought America to this point.

2. Primary Stories — Take MH370. It’s the intrigue about the missing plane and the global search parties off Australia, China, India, and wherever else.

3. Secondary Stories — These are the “Well, people are still interested so let’s talk about stuff others may not care about — saaaay, the 239 people that were board.”

And now, the circus is in town and pulled up to CNN over the weekend.

CNN’s spunky stepsister, HLN, is also hurting a tad for ratings. And as the home for CNN’s sloppy seconds, they put their heads together for what the higher-ups considered to be riveting television and cutting-edge coverage on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 — invite a psychic to discuss the fate of MH370. You know? Like on live TV?

psychic HLNAnd to make things even better, they used the show of “celebrity” sex doctor gone mainstream goober, Dr. Drew, to feature this old shrew. And she didn’t disappoint either.

Meet Lisa Williams, pictured here with her mouth open and spewing nothing much. According to a story in Daily Kos, HLN host Jenny Hutt began the interview with a not-so-stellar endorsement of her guest.

“I am all for wanting to believe in mysticism and psychics, but I’m, eh, I don’t know.”

As empowering of an introduction for that is for Wiliams, guest host Lynn Berry seconded that ringing endorsement when she told Hutt that her skepticism was deserved. Nice. That had to go well in the production booth, right?

With that said, she proceeded to invite a psychic to weigh in with their thoughts on what happened to the passengers on board MH370.

“Naturally, I don’t have hard, concrete evidence. I think any psychic who has hard, concrete evidence can’t do their job correctly. They’ll just work off what they know. I tend to work off what I don’t know.”

Now, in educated circles, they call that crap guessing but what do I know? The conjecture and hurling poop against the CNN studio wall to see what sticks continued. Williams wanted to share with the world that she wasn’t a complete idiot and that “her powers told her” that some of the passengers were alive and held in an undisclosed location.

Ya’ think? Undisclosed? No one on the planet knows where the plane is, but Williams rocks the FBI talk with “undisclosed location.” Nice. Anything else?

“I do believe that it actually crashed, and I see a lot of trees,” Williams revealed. “I think there is a larger organization behind this that is leading us off track with this debris.”

Now considering the tragic news of yesterday that all souls are considered lost, I wonder if CNN is regretting this decision instead of talking about the real story.