CNN ImageSource Launches On-Demand Site

CNNImageSourceLogo.jpgProducers can now browse the CNN ImageSource video archive whenever they want, wherever they want, following CNN’s launch of a free, on-demand, online customization service.

The CNN ImageSource site offers more than 500,000 items, made up of both CNN-owned footage and content from its more than 650 U.S. news affiliates. The archive also contains content on science and technology, business, travel, entertainment, sports and user-generated content from CNN’s iReport.

CNN ImageSource vice president for licensing and content sales David Sheehan said:

With an expansive archive of CNN’s award-winning reporting and compelling stock footage, CNN ImageSource is in the unique position to now offer an easy-to-use Website for producers to research video on their own schedule, and customize and download screener material to their desktop for free at any time.