CNET Plants New Weekly Series The Green Show

CNET has launched a new weekly series, The Green Show, which weaves together environmental news with technology service journalism.

The new show, which debuted on Earth Day (Apr. 22) is being hosted by CNET associate editor Mark Licea. Based on the first installment, episodes of The Green Show will focus on providing viewers basic tips on saving money and energy when shopping for consumer electronics, along with features on green-friendly technology products, such as hydrogen-powered cars. The show will also regularly highlight CNET’s new series of “power consumption” tests for the various products the site reviews.

That consumption testing will be a major emphasis for the site going forward as it looks to recognize American’s increasing environmental and economic concerns when buying technology. CNET announced on Wednesday (Apr. 22) that it has begun including energy efficiency ratings for all of the products it reviews. Plus, the site’s editors will also award the most efficient brands—starting with TVs but eventually expanding to computers–with a new CNET seal of approval dubbed the “Power Saver” rating.

Besides the new series and ratings, CNET has also launched a green-centric editorial section,, which features a series of power efficiency guides for select product categories.