CNBC to Debut Documentary The Facebook Obsession Jan. 6

FacebookLogo.jpgPerhaps hoping to capitalize on the popularity of Facebook-related feature films The Social Network and Catfish, as well as the social network’s announcement Wednesday of changes to groups and the ability for users to download their shared information, CNBC will debut original documentary The Facebook Obsession Thursday, Jan. 6 at 9 p.m. ET.

Correspondent Lester Holt will conduct a thorough examination of the social-networking site, with help from its founders, “friends, and foes, CNBC said. The Facebook Obsession will repeat the same night at 10 p.m., midnight, and 1 a.m. From the cable network’s announcement:

Correspondent Lester Holt delivers a comprehensive look at how this Internet phenomenon, with half a billion users, is affecting society in ways most people are unaware of. From a girl who is reunited with her birth mother with the help of Facebook, to a woman who lost her job because of her online postings, The Facebook Obsession explores how the site is fundamentally altering American life for better or worse; even the White House and many police departments have their own Facebook pages. Holt also investigates what kind of user data Facebook sells to advertisers, and explores the foundation of the business model that has sparked intense controversy over privacy concerns.