CNBC Catfight: Bartiromo vs. Burnett?

It’s rivalry time at CNBC. Maria Bartiromo is engaged in a feud with fellow anchor Erin Burnett over Burnett’s appearances on the Today show. Burnett, who was recently interviewed in the Post and voted in as CNBC’s second hottest “money honey” in a poll we took a few months ago, is apparently nicknamed “Maria 2.0.” However, that’s not all, according to Page Six:

Some of Burnett’s fans have even labeled her ‘Maria 2.0,’ while Bartiromo has acquired another nickname, ‘The Bank Skank.’ Not only is Burnett nine years younger than Bartiromo, she also comes with less baggage.

Then the Post goes on to recap the whole Todd Thomson/Citigroup scandal. A bit biased, eh Post? But Maria’s ahead on one count: Joey Ramone wrote a song about her.