Does anyone get the feeling that Judy Miller just doesn’t get it? That she doesn’t really get why people loathe her, are disgusted by her reporting, her attitutde, her cover-ups, and her general cluelessness?

Last night on Larry King–an interview compelling as much for her whininess as it was for her softball answers to softball questions–she began with this: “I really don’t know what kind of brought about this 40-day tsunami on me, these attacks after I came out of jail, but I am very comfortable with the decision that I made, and my conscience is clear, and I guess I wouldn’t change much.”

In her comments to media this week, everyone comes out for blame–her editors, her sources, her employer, the government, and a whole lot of blame falls on Maureen Dowd–but she seems to skip the blame herself: “Oh well, my sources were wrong and my editors, who hate the truth and freedom, kept me from pursuing what actually went on. I was stuck in the middle. Sorry folks for this whole ‘war’ thing.”

As she said last night, “I did not use The New York Times to lobby for the Iraq war — it would have been inappropriate.” Sorry, “inappropriate” makes it sound like she skipped accepting a free meal from a publicist or tickets to a Knicks game. SHE HELPED LAUNCH A WAR.

She’s still clueless–almost as clueless as Pinch, who for some reason thinks that Lone Bad Apple Jayson Blair was worse than the institutional backing of “Ms. Run Amok.”

> For a slightly more charged interview, listen to NPR’s one-on-one with Ms. Amok.