Clorox Enters Brand Fray at Fashion Week

Sets up a digitally-connected booth to tout new bleach

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

New York Fashion Week is in full swing but among the hoards of glitzy brands showing off new lines for fall, you may be surprised to find Clorox.

The brand is making its debut at the event this weekend with a digital activation to promote a new line of bleach products called Smart Seek Bleach. Tomorrow, Clorox will launch a digital booth near Lincoln Center in New York—Fashion Week's main hub. The booth will have TV screens that play branded videos and a space to shoot short videos.

To participate, consumers will need to log in to Facebook. Then, they can pose with Clorox models and props like boas, sunglasses and beach balls to create mini fashion shows. A short video will then automatically be uploaded to Facebook and sent via email. Prizes include tickets to Fashion Week events and coupons.

Clorox has also created 10 Vine videos that loop together to create a virtual fashion show—dubbed Cloey De La Rox—around a line of patterned and colored briefs. Screens inside the Fashion Week booth will play the videos.

"We felt like in addition to having this online show, we also wanted to give the consumers the chance to interact with Cloey and the patterns," said Molly Steinkrauss, associate manager of marketing communications at Clorox.

The Oakland, Calif.-based brand has also partnered with four fashion bloggers to create and preview content around the event: Natalia Simmons, Marie Denee, Elise Armitage and Lexi Holzberg Kristzer.

The Fashion Week push includes a media buy with Rachel Zoe’s fashion site The Zoe Report with online, social and email promotions.

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.