Clickable releases new dashboard tool to visualize Facebook, search campaign performance

Facebook Ads API partner Clickable today introduces a dashboard to its ad platform that allows users to track campaigns across Facebook, Google and Bing.

Clickable’s widget-based reporting dashboard is customizable so account managers, clients and C-level executives can have different views of data that is most relevant to them. The tool is meant to reduce the amount of work marketers do in spreadsheets and over email. Reporting can be a tedious part of any campaign, so Clickable has the potential to save marketers some time once they organize and built the widgets they need.

Clickable was one of Facebook’s earliest Ads API partners. It offers a software license for its Clickable Pro Tool and provides managed services for campaigns, similar to Adaptly, GraphEffect and AdParlor, for example. Clickable Vice President of Marketing Max Kalehoff says ad management has become commoditized and companies are mostly competing on price at this point. He says when Clickable realized its own strength was in reporting, the company got to work on the dashboard.

The dashboard is clean and easy to understand. Users can drag and drop widgets to monitor goal performance and budget, along with any custom graphs and data tables they  create with the widget builder. We like how one user can create a widget and share it with a client or other people on the team.

Kalehoff tells us Clickable will soon integrate the Facebook Insights API, as well as data from DART, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Many ad platforms are incorporating Facebook page insights as Sponsored Stories and ads from page posts become more popular among advertisers. Brighter Option (now owned by Buddy Media), GraphEffect and TBG Digital have all done this in the past month.

Although the tool is behind in adding page insights, Clickable differentiates itself in how it puts search and social campaigns in a single dashboard. This gives marketers a more complete view of their efforts and allows them to compare budget and performance across platforms. Kalehoff says the company is working to develop algorithms that make recommendations for marketers based on the information in the dashboard.

In October 2011, Clickable raised a $12 million Series C round of funding led by distribution partner American Express. Amex white-labels Clickable software and offers it to its small business card members.