CleverPet Kickstarter Brings Gaming Consoles to Your Pavlovian Dog

Dog lovers often leave their pets at home during working hours, so they can’t train them to understand a bell from a whistle. To make use of this wasted time alone time, dog owners can invest in a new device seeking doggy funding on Kickstarter: A smart WiFi-connected device your pet can use. Automatically entertain and educate your dog, even when they’re home alone.

CleverPet is very clever. The device is packed with software that can learn and adapt to your dog’s quirky behavior. It uses bells, whistles, and even colors to get your dog onto the path of cleverness. Soon, they’ll be plotting together on ways to go to the park, but without you. At least we think your dog will get more clever?

CleverPet is a learning console that engages and teaches your dog. It uses scientifically proven techniques to offer interactions that adapt to individual dogs’ needs. These interactions grow more challenging as your dog learns, and can take place even when you can’t be home. Many dogs left alone at home are bored and unengaged, which can lead to separation anxiety and costly destructive behavior. With CleverPet, your dog is busy, engaged, and challenged at her learning level—automatically. A busy dog is a happy dog, and a busy, happy dog has no time for negative behavior.