Cleverbug re-launches as social gifting company

Cleverbug announced today a new rebranding effort as the company transforms from simply a greeting card mobile app into a new, more dynamic social gifting company.

“My vision for this business is to build the largest social gifting business in the world,” says Kealan Lennon, Cleverbug’s Founder and CEO. “We want to be bigger than Hallmark, that’s really what my vision is, and to do that, we need to bring in other products. We’re building our way from being a greeting card service to a more comprehensive gifting company.”

With the redesign, the mobile app once known as Cleverbug will now be known as CleverCards, enabling users the ability to send photo-based greeting cards directly from their smartphones, each card personalized based on social relationships.

Image via Cleverbug

Also new is the CleverBook, an address book assist that helps expand CleverCards beyond your Facebook friends, bringing into the mix both online and offline relationships.

“In a world of smartphones and social networks, we’re taking a customer-centric approach to our business with CleverBook,” says Lennon. “When you look at Facebook and all the other social networks that are out there, our users have pulled in 25 million friends and photos into the network, so we’re building quite a big network of our own in the background. What we realized, though, is that there are cards for different levels of relationships. If we go out to dinner, I might send you a thank you card after dinner, but if we were best buddies, I wouldn’t be buying you a thank you card every Friday night after we eat, but I would be buying you a birthday card. We can see how the relationships evolve through Facebook, and we can also see that maybe your favorite aunt or godchild isn’t on Facebook, but you still wish to send them a card. Now you can add these people to your CleverBook, sending cards to the people who mean the most to you, both in an online and offline world.”

The re-launch of the Cleverbug platform also adds cross-platform availability, including iOS, Android, and desktop. In addition, there are now card designs for all major U.S. and global holidays, global shipping capabilities at a standardized price, and even 2014 calendars populated with Facebook photos and birthday reminders from your favorite friends. The ability to send personalized gift cards along with a CleverCard will also be coming to the app in the near future.

Adds Lennon: “It’s all about engagement. We really listened to our user base and we’re very excited with what we have and where we’re headed as a company.”