Cleveland, Every Brand on Twitter Accept LeBron’s Cavalier Comeback

Oh hey, Internet. Are you done reading LeBron’s press release/Sports Illustrated guest column/personal “let’s get back together” letter to Cleveland yet?

We will fully admit to our own general ignorance of sports right now, but from a PR perspective the dude does have a way of making the world hold its breath while he manages the message, doesn’t he?

Now let’s see how the web responded.

First, though: a just-published AdAge report notes that “Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Lee Jenkins helped Mr. James write the essay” literally last night and that the mag didn’t let any of its advertisers know about what will almost surely be the biggest traffic driver in recent history. Quite the scoop.

If you want to read some serious analysis about how LeBron’s announcement was “sincere” and “heartfelt” because it wasn’t on TV, look no further than Slate.

In the meantime, let’s round up some tweets.

Here’s an accurate summary of media coverage:

That’s not true, though:

Which might explain how the people of Cleveland knew ahead of time…

Miami isn’t taking the news too well:

…but some celebrities are:

…and Cleveland has apparently “forgiven” and forgotten.

But on the real-time marketing front, how did brands respond?

Ooh, nice.

…and the PhotoShop, too!

Sad trombone.

That sounds…alcoholic?

Everyone repeat after us: “ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

See, that was clever.

Did we miss something?

Oh look, a three-month-old ad.

Shameless. We like! On the completely unrelated side:

Finally–in case you thought this was a strictly Western phenomenon:

“Cleaveland” indeed.

That’ll do, Twitter. That’ll do.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.