Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Takes PR Into His Own Hands; Posts Anti-Lebron Tirade

How does the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers feel now that his team’s — and the NBA’s — biggest star, Lebron James has announced he’s leaving the team for Miami. Not good, of course.
Cavs owner Dan Gilbert posted an open letter to fans yesterday that called James “a former hero” and his decision “a cowardly betrayal.” But it didn’t end there.
Gilbert then went on the record with the Associated Press, and alleged that James “quit” on the team in a recent playoff series.
Some are questioning the actions. Writes Tom Ziller, the NBA blogger for AOL’s Fanhouse:

Gilbert’s PR campaign against James is doing just as much (if not more) damage to the relationship fans have with the seven most successful years in Cavaliers history. People have enough trouble coping with heartbreak without a listening to billionaire harpies wail about it in the background.

James announced his decision in a prime-time ESPN special last night. In our PRNewser poll earlier this week, we asked, “Is Lebron James’ one-hour ESPN special ‘too much?'” So far, 72% said, “Yes. He could face a lot of backlash, and he’s clearly milking it,” while 28% responded, “No. He’s one of the biggest names in sports. Why not do it if you can?”