Clear Channel Outdoor Has a New VP

A tipster sent us an email announcing the hire of Renee Jordan as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Office from Reader’s Digest Association, with this note:

The email below was sent yesterday all Clear Channel Outdoor employee’s from the new COO, Susan Grimes. The majority of us found it insulting and terribly pretentious, not to mention in a year where all sales people and managers have had severe income cuts, CCO hires another print veteran in a high paying spot. This beats up the everyday worker five ways to Sunday. 

We’re not quite sure what’s so terribly pretentious about it, other than maybe that Grimes declares—sorry, rebrands—her new hire as simply “Jordan” to avoid having to keep her and another employee with the same first name straight. How is giving someone their own last name a rebranding? Good thing she’s now got someone to handle strategy.

Clear Channel’s press release is here, and the full email after the jump…

From: Grimes, Suzanne

Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 8:27 AM

To: All of Clear Channel – (Outdoor North America)

Subject: Welcome Renee Jordan!

Hi Everyone,

I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Renee Jordan as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Clear Channel Outdoor North America.  Jordan will hold a seat on the CCOA Executive Committee and report directly to me.

In this role, Renee will be rebranded as Jordan, effective immediately, to avoid any confusion with Renee Krug who was here first.

Jordan will lead strategic planning and business development to help us redefine and expand our position as the out-of-home market leader. She will work with the CCOA Executive Committee and the market leaders to create new revenue opportunities, with a special focus on emerging technologies, mobile and social integration, digital product development, strategic partnerships and the architecture of new business models to accelerate growth.

Jordan’s role will extend across geographic and functional lines to drive efficiency and enhance project design and execution across new and existing businesses. This collaboration will be on both the national and local levels, with special emphasis on sales and related initiatives.

Most recently, Jordan served as Chief Marketing Officer of Reader’s Digest Association (RDA), leading the transformation of consumer marketing from traditional direct response to multi-channel and digitally-focused strategies. Jordan held various roles at RDA over the past 12 years, including leading digital strategy for the international businesses and digital product development for U.S. brands.  Prior to RDA, Jordan served in a variety of leadership roles with Primedia, Inc. where she oversaw consumer marketing, database and Internet source development for over 100 magazine properties.

Jordan has an innate ability to simplify complexity and get results. As the 4th of 8 children, she can work with just about anyone. Her creative approach is innovative and inspiring, and I can’t wait to introduce her to the best OOH team in the business.

Jordan lives in Carmel, NY with her partner Sara De Carlo, where she spends her spare time painting landscapes and frolicking with her yellow labs Scout and Kirby.