Clean App Network launches to help consumers find quality-tested, ad-free apps


M2Catalyst has launched the Clean App Network, offering consumers the ability to purchase ad-free bundled apps that have been quality tested to assure Android users that they’re getting top apps without the worry that comes from downloading something in the Wild West known as Google Play.

“We’ve reached out to over 3,000 app developers and have been testing their apps pretty extensively,” says Michael Brough, CEO of M2Catalyst. “These companies are willing to remove their ads in order to join the Clean App Network. What people are realizing is that the ads from all these free apps are costing them battery consumption, especially when the GPS clicks on for a location-based ad. There’s a growing collection of people who don’t want ads, even in free-to-play, so we’re targeting these people who want the apps, but don’t want to feel like ad networks are targeting them.”

The first bundle of apps M2Catalyst is offering on the network is free, but they will also be offering discounted bundles where consumers can purchase a collection of business apps, for example, buying $15 worth of ad-free apps at almost a 50-percent discount.

“These are ad-free apps that have been curated by us,” says Brough. “We’ve worked with developers to pull out their ads, and since consumers are buying the bundle, they’ll be able to purchase them for a discount.”

Future bundles include games, sports, and education.

“This is more of a service that targets first-time users of Android devices,” says Brough. “They want a good, safe introduction to apps, and these people don’t want ads. If they can get safe apps that are certified to be clean, they’re not going to drain your battery, and you’re getting them at half price, then that’s a win for everyone.

“As Android phones and tablets continue to penetrate the market, we feel that there will be a subset of consumers looking for that premium experience. We put these apps through a very thorough test, and we try to make sure our tests go beyond anything else in the market. We want to make sure that if you get an app from us, it’s not running in the background collecting data or anything like that. If you get one of our bundles, you don’t have the worry about the apps like you would if you purchased it somewhere else.”