ClassParrot: Secure Private School-related Text Messaging Between Teachers and Students

Text messages has, as many millions of frequent user know, earned is place as a high value tool despite its relatively low-tech nature in a world increasingly filled with smartphones and tablets. It works on nearly every phone regardless of how smart, or not, it is. It is so ubiquitess and useful that one company launched a service that speifically targets a perceived need in the K-12 school space.

ClassParrot makes it OK for students to text in class (The Next Web)

Each class is assigned a unique private code (a 10-digita U.S. phone number). The ClassParrot service lets teacher broadcast information to students and parents, receive responses to polls from students and schedule messages to the class. Parents can opt-in to receive text messages. ClassParrot acts as a text message routing service that lets students and teachers keep their phone number private.

ClassParrot uses a freemium model with the first 500 text messages (in or out) available for free. Unlimited text messaging is available for $9 per month or $90 annually. This, of course, is a separate and additional charge on top of the mobile phone carriers’ text message charges for students, parents and teachers.

You can find more information about the service at the website linked below: