Clash of the Dragons Deals Collectible Card Combat on Facebook

Inspired by the likes of Magic: The Gathering, Clash of the Dragons is a fantasy themed collectible card battle game for Facebook from 5th Planet Games. Daily active users of the game are up nearly 200 percent following recent bug fixes.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Clash of the Dragons currently has 29,055 monthly active users and 4,997 daily active users.

In Clash of the Dragons, players build decks comprised of weapon, spell and NPC (non-player character) cards and use them in battle against computer-controlled opponents. At the start of the game, players create their hero character (avatar), which has its own stats that increase through earning experience points. Avatars can be crafted from one of several character classes, each of which has its own stats and cards with which the class works best. Avatar cards have an effect on the attributes of cards being played.

Gameplay is divided between travel and combat. Players move through areas of the game world on an overview map, encountering enemies that must be defeated in order to progress. Winning in battle rewards players with experience points and coins that can be spent on new cards. Battles are broken down into three stages: start of turn, action and end of turn. Players first draw a minimum number of cards from their decks. Next, they choose which attack or NPC/ally card to play for that round. After the card’s action goes into effect, cards are discarded to graveyard pile based on how many hit points the player lost during the action phase. Play continues until the player or the enemy loses all of their cards.

Different card actions determine how long the combat phase lasts. Some attack cards have a shield value, which is the amount of damage it will subtract from the total deducted from the player’s hit points. Certain cards can also be played in Combinations, which amplify their damage. Potion cards can restore health (which brings cards back from the graveyard pile) and counteract effects of enemy spells, while Talismans affect the player over time.

Players can use viral channels to share their accomplishments and acquisition of new cards. Cards can also be gifted to and received from friends playing the game. Clash of the Dragons is monetized through Dragon Coins. These are purchased using Facebook Credits and can be used to buy additional packs of cards. Some cards and packs can be purchased using the game’s soft currency, coins, but will take much longer to obtain this way than through the use of the premium currency.

Developer 5th Planet has been very active in supporting its title, as evidenced by the recent bug fixes. In addition to adding new cards on an ongoing basis, the developer is issuing updates to the core game engine almost daily, improving and balancing gameplay in the process.

“We see Clash of the Dragons as our flagship game, we feel this was a big step forward for us and we plan to focus a lot of time and resources on it,” 5th Planet’s Robert Winkler tells ISG. “The biggest thing we are working on for Clash, outside of content, is a lite version of the game for iOS.”

In the short term, Winkler says that the plan is to continue releasing bug fixes and new cards. There are a number of “Coming Soon” items like Equipment and Guilds that the developer also means to launch in the near future. Farther out into the next couple of months, 5th Planet aims to introduce a series of new features like Drafting, a new Quest zone and  “a really cool new feature called Encounters.” Winkler explains Encounters as a “kind of hybrid of Quests and Brawls, but will be on a very large scale, be timed and will take some strategy and teamwork to be successful.”

The developer is also preparing Clash of the Dragons’ first expansion card set. “New zones will always come out with new card sets, but we are also going to bring out new zones as sort of side-quests to give people fresh content to explore new challenges to face,” Winkler says. “Beyond that, we have plans for Achievements and other advanced PvP formats like Leagues, constructed tournaments and more options for Drafting.”

You can follow Clash of the Dragons’ progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.