ClanCraft: Defeat enemies in a fairytale world on Facebook


Game network has launched its newest MMO, ClanCraft, on Facebook. The game is a mix of city-building and simulation, as players enter a world inspired by European fairytales. Players will battle boars, goblins and other creatures, with combat taking place automatically until one team is the winner.

The game’s storyline progresses in a level-based fashion, as players take their troops into combat, with each soldier having different attack and defense stats. Some units thrive on ranged combat, while others excel up close.

Players can customize their teams to succeed in each encounter, with the game offering a large focus on unit formations. Players earn gems while playing, which can be spent to unlock these battle formations. Each combat encounter offers three rows for units, and these formations can determine which units spawn in which row. In addition, as players collect extra units, they can fuse them to form stronger individual soldiers.

ClanCraft offers a socially-focused energy system. That is, the more friends players have in the game, the more energy they’ll earn, and the longer they can play. Energy (as well as the game’s currencies) can be purchased with real money, and is used to enter battles.

Back at their home base, gamers can complete Town Quests by building mines, lumber mills and other structures. Two other kinds of quests are also available. Combat Quests see gamers completing battles, while Daily Quests can be repeated each day.

ClanCraft is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.