Civil War America's Epic Struggle for iPad: Interesting Content. App Needs a Bit More Polishing

Screenshot courtesy of Multieducator

MultiEducator provided me with an evaluation copy of their $4.99 iPad app.

Civil War America’s Epic Struggle (iTunes App Store)

Weighing in at 249MB, it is a big app that numerous videos, more than 1000 photos, and more than 100 “period” maps. Whether by intent or accident, the app has an “old” look to it. Some comments in the app store compare it to a Windows 95-like look. Having a vast amount of information can be a double-edged sword. It is the strength of the app. However, it also means that typos and errors are bound to show up. And, sure enough, App Store commentators noted a few. One of the things I noted about the app was the audio narration. As any fan of audio books will tell you, the reader makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of audio content. I found the narration to be a bit too monotone. It would really help if the person recording the audio segments provided a more conversational sound for those segments. The apps iTunes App Store page doesn’t provide any screenshots. However, you can find several screenshots and more information about the app on its product page.

MultiEducator: Civil War America’s Epic Struggle

Suggestions for MultiEducator:
1. If the “old” look is intentional, play it up! Give it a alternate history 19th century “steampunk” look.
2. As I mentioned above, the audio segment reader should be less monotone.
3. Typos and errors are hard to avoid with this much information presented. I suggest creating a wiki for the app on your site to let you use crowdsourcing to get corrections directly instead of in App Store comments.