Citypixel – 8 Bits of Awesomeness

Part The Sims, part Lego, pure awesomeness: This is the simplest description for the social application Citypixel Spaces. With 400,000 users already on, this new Facebook app is slowly growing strength, and with good reason.

The primary premise of the game is to build your own virtual life inside a virtual world, quite literally, one pixel at a time. The game utilizes an isometric view, and allows you to create your own apartment, car, and avatar (with more coming soon) using a provided set of furniture, colors, and other neat little toys.

Like in The Sims, players can create an apartment to their specifications using walls, carpets, electronics, and most other common place items you would find in a home. There’s even a nice little extra that allows you to connect one of your televisions to your favorite YouTube video. Once you’re done here, you can go ahead and pimp your ride, making some of the strangest vehicles you can imagine, and bringing with it a nostalgic feeling of old-school Legos.

As cool as all this creativity is, the game doesn’t stop at just this. Once created, a player’s apartment is placed into the Citypixel virtual world in which they can interact with other player’s avatars, rate apartments, and put their own on showcase. The game also utilizes a currency system, which to no surprise, is pixels.

Pixels are used to buy new furniture, gifts for friends, cars, and any number of cool stuff. How do you buy new stuff? Why take a trip around town of course. Yes, there is, in fact, a city… of, well, pixels. Within the city are stores, other apartments, and dozens of other player avatars walking around with fun personal messages that appear when you mouse-over them.

It is also very cool to see some of the creative avatars people come up with. When you build your avatar, it’s sort of like a grid based Microsoft Paint. While it may seem rather limited, some people do find some creative ways to express themselves, thus most of the limitations are your own imagination.

Citypixel is definitely aimed at a casual audience, but anyone that liked games such as The Sims, or plain old Legos as a kid, will get a kick out of this title. The game is very easy to use with its simple drag and drop interface and allows even the most artistically challenged players to create some nice apartments. The game also falls in nicely between similar virtual life games, meaning it isn’t as simple as something like Gaia virtual lounge, but not as complex as something like MyMiniLife. Regardless, if ever there was a virtual world worth checking out, Citypixel is at the top of that list.