Citrix Report Highlights New Trends in Consumer, Enterprise Mobility

The report measured data usage on mobile devices, which is now dominated by video consumption


Citrix today published its Mobile Analytics Report for the first half of 2015, highlighting new global trends in the worlds of consumer and enterprise mobility. The report drew data from a cross-section of mobile network operators and enterprises, and analyzed (in part) how and when consumers are using the most data on their mobile devices. For one, iPhone 6 Plus users were found to generate twice as much data volume as iPhone 6 users, which Citrix attributes to the increased amount of video consumption on the larger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus.

In keeping with this video theme, the top five mobile games ranked by data volume (CSR Racing, Diamond Dash, Top Eleven, Hay Day and Subway Surfers) all contain video elements, which are delivered over data. When compared to Q1 2014, only two of the top five games offered such video content (Despicable Me: Minion Rush and Hay Day).

Citrix Mobile Video

Furthermore, consumption of mobile sports video has doubled in less than a year. When measured as part of the entire mobile sports experience (images, apps, web pages, etc.), video now accounts for 50 percent of the total volume, an increase from 21 percent in Q3 2014.

While consumers need to be aware of the amount of data they’re using (and the prices associated with data overages), businesses must examine their employees’ mobile app usage as well. According to the report, the number of enterprise-managed devices has increased 72 percent year-over-year, and businesses are taking steps to ensure they have control over which consumer-grade mobile apps their employees have access to.

The report found some of the most commonly whitelisted apps are PDF and Notes, as businesses rely on these tools for increased productivity and collaboration among employees. Conversely, the top blacklisted apps include Dropbox and Mail. However, employees will continue to desire or seek out these kinds of applications, until the employer itself can offer an adequate replacement tool.

In a statement, Chris Fleck, vice president of Mobility Solutions and Alliances at Citrix, commented on the report:

The line between personal and business mobility continues to blur as people routinely use the same smartphones and tablets across every part of their lives. It’s no longer possible to maintain artificial boundaries of personal and business mobility. With insights into the latest mobile user behavior, preferences and needs, the Mobile Analytics Report provides a window into the potential pitfalls and opportunities for mobile operators and enterprise IT to deliver mobile experiences that people expect at home, work, and play.

The complete Mobile Analytics Report for Q1 2015 is available here.